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Credit scores below 680 can be expensive (high interest rates) and keep you from achieving your goals - like refinancing or buying a new home or auto. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for as many consumers as possible by educating, coaching and helping them improve their credit, raise their credit scores and achieve their goals. 

Here's one example... 

"You guys are absolutely amazing... you all have changed my life!!!! If you haven't signed up for Credit Expert do it NOW!"  Shanequa - Waldorf, MD 

Since 2008, we have helped thousands of consumers raise their credit scores and achieve their goals. We do this by providing quality education and by legally removing qualified negative items from their credit reports that are having a negative impact on their credit scores. 

We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and we received the BBB Honor Roll Certificate for "Excellence in Customer Service”. 

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More Happy Clients!

"I've really enjoyed working with you all. This credit stuff is now making more sense to me. You pretty much are amazing at your job!!"  

Amanda - Iowa

"These guys are the best!!! Helped me recover from some major dings and allowed me to now have scores in the 700s! Just purchased a new home and couldn't believe how fast their system worked!!! Highly recommend them!"

Greg - Sioux Falls, SD

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Why do consumers prefer working with us?

Of course... our awesome team!

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And... our popular No-Risk Credit Repair! 

Want to read something absolutely absurd? Many of our clients have shared their frustration of working with other credit repair companies only to pay $100 per month for 9 months and received no (as in ZERO) results. $900 paid and no results? That is terrible!

Why do our client's LOVE our No-Risk Credit Repair? Because they ONLY pay a credit repair service fee WHEN we actually achieve results! No results means no credit repair service fee - PERIOD! 

Here's our No-Risk Guarantee
     No Credit Report Deletions =
                          No Credit Repair Service Fee =  
                                                    No Account Balance =
                                                                      No Monthly Payment!
Let's see how we can help you!  Request a FREE Credit Consultation with one of our Credit Expert Consultants.  We will review your credit reports with you and explain what you can do to raise your credit scores. We will also explain how our NO-RISK Credit Repair works and provide you with a credit repair cost estimate.
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... you are tired of being denied credit.  Mark was tired and frustrated of being denied credit. He was making good money at his job, but could not get a loan.  He reached out to us to review his credit reports and we explained what he needed to do to improve his credit and raise his credit scores. Mark is now a "happy camper" as he achieved his goal of purchasing a new camper!

... you want to refinance a high interest loan.  Roger and Cindy had a $15,000, 4-year auto loan and were stuck paying an 18% interest rate. They signed-up for our credit repair service and 4 months later refinanced the loan to a 6% rate.  This refinance saved them $88.34 a month, which is a total savings of $4,200 over the life of the loan ($88.34 per month x 4 years). $4,200 is a lot of money!

... you want to purchase a home.  Lisa and Edward were paying $1,100 in rent payments for a 2 bedroom apartment and were denied a home loan due to their low credit scores.  They used our credit repair and achieved their home-buying goal. Today they own a 4 bedroom home for slightly less than what they were paying in rent, plus they are now building home equity!

... you want to recover from Bankruptcy.  After a divorce, Jillian's only option was Bankruptcy.  After the Bankruptcy was discharged, she turned to us to help her rebuild and restore her credit and credit scores. Today she is on her way to achieving her goal of having good credit once again!