Credit Expert, LLC is a BBB Accredited Credit Service in Sioux Falls, SD

Since 2008... we have helped consumers raise their credit scores and achieve their goals with our popular No-Risk Credit Repair.

What would you rather do... pay for time or pay for results? 

We are a "pay-per-deletion" company. Unlike companies that charge for their time, you pay us for the accounts we actually remove from your reports. If we remove nothing then you pay no deletion fee. The only time you have a monthly payment is when you have an account balance.

Remember... negative accounts can remain on the credit report for 7 years - even after they're paid. They can continue to lower your scores and keep you from achieving your goals - like buying a home or auto.

Good News... It's possible that qualified accounts can be removed sooner. For example: In 2017 we helped remove over 12,000 accounts from consumer credit reports to help raise their credit scores.

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"I have worked with other credit repair companies in the past and there is no company that I experienced that is as good as Credit Expert LLC. They thoroughly explained what they could do during the free consultation and explained that I would pay no service fee if nothing was deleted from my credit reports. Everything they said was true. They have made good on their promise, have achieved very good progress and I am very happy!" 

Steve - Dallas, TX