Kind Words From Happy Clients


"You guys are absolutely amazing... you all have changed my life!!!! If you haven't signed up for Credit Expert do it NOW!"

Shanequa - Waldorf, MD

"I just started my journey to repairing my credit and I have to say, Laura was an absolute doll! Super friendly and very helpful. She was extremely clear, thorough and very helpful. She put my mind at ease, not making any promises but reassuring that she would do all she can to help me! She also gave me some great advice on how maintain good credit. I appreciate the FREE consultation and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!"

Ariona - Winter Park, FL

"These guys are the best!!! Helped me recover from from some major dings and allowed me to now have scores in the 700s! Just purchased a new home and couldn't believe how fast their system worked for me!!! Highly recommend them!"

Greg - Sioux Falls, SD

"I have worked with other credit repair companies in the past and there is no company that I experienced that is as good as Credit Expert LLC. They thoroughly explained what they could do during the free consultation and explained that I would pay no service fee if nothing was deleted from my credit reports. Everything they said was true. They have made good on their promise, have achieved very good progress and I am very happy!" 

Steve - Dallas, TX

"We just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. We closed and moved in to our new home yesterday. None of this would have been possible without everything have done for us. You made our dream of owning a new home that fits the needs of our family possible. We can’t thank you enough!"

Lee - Sioux Falls, SD

"The reason I am writing this is to tell you thank you so much. Also I wanted to tell you that your good work doesn’t just improve people’s credit score it improves their quality of life. I was able to purchase a home for my family. My children now have a nice home that they can say is their own. The amazing work you do not only improved my life, it improved my children’s life as well. I will be forever thankful for everything you and Credit Expert has done for my family. Keep up the outstanding work!"  

Milty - Houston, TX

"I've really enjoyed working with you all. This credit stuff is now making more sense to me. You pretty much are amazing at your job!!"

Amanda - Iowa

"Your team is awesome!  Thank you so much for helping us with our credit.  We closed on our new home February 12th and we are so excited!  We have no doubt that the reason we were able to purchase our new home is because of the work you did.  We cannot thank you enough!!"

Cindy & Gregg - St. Paul, MN

"Most definitely worth every penny!! Credit Expert helped my husband and I succeed in raising our credit score 100 points and KEEP it there!! They do incredible work!"

Kory & Stacy - South Dakota

"I just want to say for all interested... I have been working with Credit Expert since the end of July. My score has went up almost 100 points by just simply having things removed that have been on my credit for years. This company is simply amazing and worth every penny! Very life changing."  

Jennie - South Dakota 

"Shelly, After following you on Facebook for almost a year, I decided I needed to put aside my embarrassment about our credit situation and give you a call.  Now 11 months later I can without a doubt say, it was the best decision I have ever made!  If it wasn't for your incredible help and guidance we wouldn't be closing on our dream home next week!  I wasn't sure we'd ever see the light at the end of the tunnel before your help and now the light is so bright I need sunglasses!  (Okay I need them anyway living in Arizona!)  So I will say that dreams really do come true!  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!"

Beth and Jim - Arizona

"Thank you for helping me improve my credit. Today, I am excited to close on my very first home!! Before contacting you I had lost all hope that this day would come. You restored my hope and gave me the guidance I needed. I tried working with other credit repair companies and no one achieved the results like you did. I know there are people like me who struggle with their credit and think that they will be lifetime renters. Feel free to share my story and encourage them to request the free consultation. Taking that first step was the hardest for me but now I am so thankful that I took it. Thank you again!"

R.J. - Madison, WI

"You guys are awesome! I would not have been able to buy my house if it wasn't for you!"

Susie - Brandon, SD

"Excellent at what they do! My husband and I were able to buy a home and start a business with Shelly's help! Best thing we ever did for ourselves!!"

Abby - Sioux Falls, SD

“Thank you for your help with our credit scores. Our life is about to change! Our banker called this afternoon to tell us that Jim's credit scores are up 55 points to over 680 and we now qualify to purchase a home! No more renting!!! We are both very excited and appreciate all that you did to help us.” 

Jim & Carol – Peoria, IL

“Hello Shelly. Thank you for helping me remove those not-so-good items from my credit reports that where keeping my scores down.  I was amazed that you were able to get the credit bureaus to remove them after I tried for the last year, but they did and now I qualify for a very good interest rate on the car loan I was telling you about.  I cannot thank you enough!  If you have people that are skeptical and scared to call you, please share my story.  I was scared and skeptical and now I feel that making the initial call for the free credit review was the best decision I have ever made and I will save so much money in the future from better interest rates.   Thank you my dear!” 

Nancy - Omaha NE 

"Today we were finally able to refinance our auto loan and consolidate some credit cards with it.  Not only are we saving on interest, we will keep $200 a month in our pocket.  We appreciate what you all have done to help us with our credit!"

Carol & Steve - Austin, TX

"I am so happy! I am closing on my new home a week from this Friday!!! Seriously, I could not have achieved this goal without your help. Your team is so amazing and wonderful to work with. Thank you!"

Amanda – Richmond, VA 

"Thank you guys for helping me with my credit. Last week I was able to finally refinance my home from a high interest loan to a much more affordable and normal loan. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work. Feel free to share my success story with others to help them. Again, many, many thanks!"

Chuck - Sioux Falls, SD 

"So here I sit at the title company to close on my first home. I just want to say thank you so very much for all your help with getting my credit back in shape. If it weren't for you I'd still be renting and wasting my hard earned money. I can't thank you enough your the best decision I've ever made." 

Melissa - Sioux Falls, SD

"Shelly!!!! We are closing on our new home this Friday! Thank you so much for helping us clean up our reports. (I know you post on facebook so feel free to post this!)"

Cheri & Justin - Rapid City, SD

“Shelly, I love your new website! I was reading through your testimonials and thought I would write one myself. I followed you for two years on Facebook and I still signed up with a different credit repair company only to have them charge me every month for “services rendered” with little results. I called you (I don’t know why I didn't call you first – that was a stupid decision) for the free credit review and I learned more about credit in 45 minutes than I have learned in my entire 36 years. I enrolled in your program and within 6 months my credit scores improved over 100 points. The best part - I didn't pay you anything unless you achieved results. It's funny how excited I was to receive your service invoice because I knew good things were happening to my credit reports! 

I know you have people (like me) who are skeptical or thinking that they will be living with bad credit for the rest of their lives. If you want, please share my story. I truly believe that I am living a better life because of your credit expertise. I now own a home again and I have since refinanced my SUV and my daughter’s car to lower interest rates. There is nothing else to say but THANK YOU!”

Susan – Rapid City, SD

"I just wanted to share my good news with you since you were a HUGE part in making this a reality. We closed on our house this am. I cannot tell you how appreciative of all the hard work in getting my credit back up to par it is now at 660 and continues to climb every month. Thank you thank you I will gladly refer anybody your way who is struggling with their credit to achieve their financial goals."

Lisa - Alcester, SD

“Thank you for all your credit help and coaching. Today we learned that our credit scores have improved (one score was up almost 90 points) and we now qualify for a home loan! I can honestly say that we could not have done this without your help. We are so grateful for you and your staff!”

Joe & Michelle - Phoenix AZ

“I just wanted to let you know that my credit score is up almost 90 points and I am signing papers tomorrow with my banker to refinance my car loan from 18% to 8%. Your program has already paid for itself!!! Thank you so much for all your work and if you have anyone who is hesitant to work with you feel free to share my story!”

Amber – Fargo ND 

"Shelly, Good afternoon. Well we got moved into our new home thanks to you! During the buying process I had put your services on hold. Since it is complete I would like to restart the services. Thanks again for all you have done."  

A Happy Client from Houston, TX

"To everyone at Credit Expert: I have followed you on Facebook from the very beginning. I wanted to call you so bad for a credit review but I was scared and embarrassed about my situation. I finally decided to make the call and to my surprise your team was understanding and non-judgmental and so helpful. I feel that this has been the best decision that I have ever made. Why? Today I qualified to buy a new home! Thank you for all that you have done! I have several friends that I am going to send your way! Thank you!

Lisa – Milwaukee, WI  

"I have witnessed firsthand how your program works and it's fantastic. Through your program my scores have increased over 150+ points. Thanks for all you did for me and my family!!"  

Dan - Harrisburg, SD

"We have been given the green light to close on our new home! We could not have done this without your help. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Kimberly - Rapid City, SD

"Hi Shelly! Remember how skeptical I was when I first contacted you for the credit consultation? I want you to know that the decision I made to enroll into your program was one of the best decisions I have ever made! In 4 months my credit score went from a 586 to a 688! Thank you so much for being there for me!"

Julie - Rapid City, SD

"You guys are awesome! I saw your testimonials on Facebook last evening and I had to chime in. I was working with [a different credit repair company] when I found you on Facebook and had already spent close to $1,000 with little results. My score hardly moved. I joined your program and within 4 months my scores jumped 80 points and now I'm starting my home search in January!!!! Thank you for helping me achieve my goal!" 

Alexis - Champaign, IL

"Amazing all the things you learn from credit experts!!! I recommend them to anyone!! They have helped raise my credit scores over 100 points and explained how to stay smart about your credit! Thank you for your continued help!"  

Jeanie - Mitchell, SD

"These guys do a great job. They raised my credit score over 100 points. Well worth the money. I would of never been able to buy a house or the 2 cars I have now of it wasn't for their help."

Josh - Aberdeen, SD

"Thank you for helping my fiancee and I straighten up our credit situation. Not only were we able to buy the ring set we both wanted, we will be heading into our marriage more educated and knowledgeable about credit and our credit scores. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you so much!"  

Brandon & Cindy - Minneapolis, MN

"Dear Shelly. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your assistance in getting my first home loan. There is always a level of fear / anxiety and not only did you give me the peace of mind I needed, you were able to help me get approved for a home loan in under 3 months after I had been unsuccessful for several years. Gone are the days of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on rent. In my opinion, the small financial amount it took for you to help me is nothing compared to the savings I will enjoy with higher credit scores in the future. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to improve their credit scores and / or to get derogatory things off their credit. They should contact you at their earliest convenience. I can honestly say that setting up an appointment to see you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you for your patience as well as your above and beyond efforts."  

Jeremy - Sioux Falls, SD

"We wouldn't be homeowners without all your hard work! You are the best!! Thanks for all you do!"  

Janene - Sioux Falls, SD

"Hi Shelly, wanted to touch base and once again thank you for all your help. You were INSTRUMENTAL in our ability to not only get a mortgage for our current home we were in (which we have since sold) but since last July we were able to get a construction loan and have been building our own dream home overlooking the river! Thanks once again!"  

Holly - Pierre, SD

"Shelly is creative, warm, non-judgmental, possesses a deep level of expertise, is a problem-solver and will tell you very clearly what she can and cannot do for you. She is a solid character and will use all her talents to help you."  

Laura - St. Paul, MN

"Amazingly reassuring, knowledgeable, and down to earth. On difficult personal matters, she is empathetic, yet no-nonsense and confident about how she can make things better. She helps you understand the confusing world of credit and finances and becomes your partner in solving issues in the best way possible. Very glad to have found her!"  

Pam - Sioux Falls, SD

"We are now scheduled to close on our refinance and will be going from a 7.79% interest rate to 2.75% and from a 25 to a 15 year loan - we are so excited!"

M. - Dell Rapids, SD

"Thank you for helping me raise my credit scores. I now qualify to buy a home and I'm starting my search! I have to admit that my friends warned me that credit repair companies are total scams and I would be wasting my money. I'm sure there are scams out there, but since my banker referred me to you I decided call. Thank you for helping me and for showing my friends that there are good people in this world!" 

Andrew - Sioux Falls, SD

"Hi, I was able to refinance my car loan from 15.9% down to 4.4% at my local credit union! They told me my credit score is now 677. I am so happy! Thank you so much!"  

Amy - Rapid City, SD

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know we are refinancing our house! Our credit scores are up & we appreciate everything you did to make this happen."

Roger & Mari - Rapid City, SD

"Shelly, you truly are a "credit expert" -- with your sage advice, access to the best links and info and your thoughtful help. Thank you for taking the time to consider our situation. I would -- and will -- recommend you to anyone."

Brock - Chicago, IL

"If you need to improve your credit scores to qualify for a home or auto loan or to refinance at better interest rates, you really should contact Shelly or Danielle at Credit Expert in Sioux Falls. They can help you achieve your goals!"  

Tim & Cherri - Watertown, SD

"Your company changed our lives! After a financial setback several years ago and losing our home, we thought we were destined to be lifetime renters. A friend suggested we contact you and we are so glad we did. You helped us understand our credit situation and told us exactly what we needed to do to get on track. You helped us raised our credit scores and now we are happy home owners once again! We could not have done this without you!"

Jennifer - Rapid City, SD

"Thank you Shelly! When we first met you, we were very impressed with your knowledge of credit. You gave us the hope and confidence we needed. Within just a few months of joining your program and following your advice, our credit scores went up 70+ points and now we qualify for a home loan! After several years of being denied credit... THIS FEELS WONDERFUL!"  

Maggie - Sioux Falls, SD

"Thanks for the great job on helping raise my credit scores & straightening up the credit reporting companies. Thanks to your hard work my credit score was raised to over 700 and I got a 4 percent loan on our new house. My wife and I are very happy to have worked with you & your company. If I can be of any assistance in any way please feel free to contact me. Thanks again."

John - Watertown, SD

"We tried for over a year to clean up our credit reports with little success. We wrote numerous letters, made numerous phone calls and did not get anywhere with the credit bureaus or the creditors. Our banker referred us to Credit Expert and we were reluctant to schedule the free consultation. We were also reluctant to enroll in the program. In 30 days, Credit Expert fixed over 50% of the items on our reports. How did you do that?!? We are kicking ourselves because we should have came to you nine months ago when our banker first mentioned it, and not have wasted our time. It was well worth it. Because of Credit Expert, we have a closing scheduled."

Nick - Sioux Falls, SD

"Thank you so much for your services. You delivered even more than you told us you could. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!!!!! Thanks again."  

Peggy - Aberdeen, SD

"I cannot believe how you raised my scores!"  

Chad - Aberdeen, SD

"With your help raising my credit scores, I was able to get a loan at a good interest rate to consolidate some debt and now I'm saving over $400 a month. Thank you!"  

Stanley - Omaha, NE

"I never imagined that I would be thanking you for a 705 credit score - especially after I came to you with a 635 score. Why didn't I come to you sooner, I don't know. Well, I do know - I was leery and very skeptical. Now I'm a believer! If you have anyone who is leery and skeptical, feel free to share my story with them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!"  

Dianne - Sioux Falls, SD

"Thank you for all the credit work you did for me. I cannot tell you how it feels to know that I can walk into a bank and get a loan where nine months ago that was impossible. I was skeptical, but you were comforting. Again thank you!"  

Joseph - Fargo, ND

"Thank you for all you did to raise my scores. You guys are terrific! Home ownership is great!"  

Tina - Sioux Falls, SD

"You guys are the best! You just saved me a lot of money. Because of you, my bank rewrote the car loan and I'm now saving 3% on the interest rate and my monthly payments are more affordable. What can I say? I was skeptical at first and now I'm speechless. Thank you! If I know someone who could benefit from your service, I'm sending them your way!"

Mark - Pierre, SD

"Thanks again for all that you did for my credit. It was well worth the cost!! Again, if you have any clients that are having doubts on what you can do... Please refer them to me. Thanks again."

Jerry - Yankton, SD